How much does a class cost?

The classes are absolutely free! However, we kindly ask that you donate to the charity located under the "Registration" tab of our website. We may be aspiring entrepreneurs and engineers right now, but at the end of the day, we will never forget our roots and the individuals who helped us reach where we are. As such, running a charity-based organization allows us to give back to the community, and your help is much appreciated.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 5-8 students. Our goal is to maintain an environment that allows every student to receive equal attention.

Does my child have to be a certain age to take a course?

Not at all! Age is not necessarily correlated with experience/recent exposure, so all of our courses are open to students of all ages. However, if your child is below the fifth grade, we do ask that you review class etiquette with them, as simple protocols like respecting the instructor contribute immensely to the overall functionality of the classroom. To place your child in a class with students around their experience, we also ask that you have them take a short placement test for the track that they are interested in. Links to access these tests can be found under the “Registration” tab of our website.

How will classes be conducted during these unprecedented times?

Classes will be conducted via Zoom. The Zoom link for your child’s class should be sent to you after we have placed them in an appropriate level and time slot.

What if my child isn't available during any of the listed time slots?

Please don’t let unavailability deter you from registering your child! If this ever happens, still have your child take the placement test for the track they are interested in, and then email us at actoninstituteofcs@gmail.com with your child’s name and your preferred time for class. Our instructors will be more than happy to adjust their class schedules.

How can I check my student’s progress in class?

Homework and periodic tests/quizzes will be given to gauge your student’s understanding of the content. You will also have access to your student’s report card, which will have both grades and feedback of your student’s performance. This report card will be updated once a week.

What happens if my child misses class?

If your child has other plans, or simply misses class by accident, please feel free to email us, and we will send you a recording of the class that your child missed. Please remember that our instructors will be posting class summaries on Google Classroom as well, which provides another excellent resource for your child to catch up on any missed content.

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