Over 2000 Students Taught

Our Mission

AICS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing an affordable computer science education to students around the world. Through our free classes and philanthropy, we aim to address the significant inequity present in the tech industry and prepare all students for an increasingly tech-driven future.


Our present campaign is the AICS Tech Access Initiative, where we seek to help provide underfunded education programs around the world with the technological equipment they require to bolster their students' education. 

We have currently raised $2877 of a $15,000 goal for the Tech Access Initiative

In addition, we have raised close to $10,000 in charitable donations for organizations including...

Doctors Without Borders
Cambridge Health Alliance
Boston Racial Equity Fund
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Why Us?


At AICS, we believe that our combined experience in the field of computer science sets us apart from our competition. Our staff have achieved significant success in the USACO program. In addition, our instructors are current CS majors at prestigious universities such as Stanford, Cornell, and UC Berkeley. Overall, our combined experience ensures that your child will receive a quality education in our program.


Our instructors' widespread experience allows us to offer a wide range of classes relating to computer science, ranging from basic Java principles to machine learning. As a result, your child's experience with AICS will be one that is highly customizable to your preferences. Furthermore, our low student to instructor ratio guarantees that your child will reach their maximum potential under our program.


At AICS, most student registration is free, but we kindly ask that you donate to the charity located under the "Donation" tab of our website. We may be aspiring entrepreneurs and engineers, but ultimately, we will never forget our roots and the individuals who helped us reach our potential. As such, running a charity-based organization allows us to give back to the community, and your help is much appreciated.