Private Tutors

Charles Wang

Java and SAT Math Tutor

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Availability: Tues, Thurs, Sun (5pm and 6pm) 
Courses: Java I, Java II, Java III, SAT Math

Leeban Morgan

Advanced Python Tutor


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Availability: Mon, Thurs (5-7PM); Sat, Sun (12-2 PM)
Courses: Advanced Python(Intro to Python not available)

Andrew Chen

Java Tutor

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Availability: Thurs-Fri(5pm-9pm), Sat (5pm-8pm)
Courses: Java I, Java II, Java III

Joe Maffa

SAT Math Tutor


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Availability: Mon, Wed (6-9 PM); Sat, Sun (9 AM-12 PM)
Courses: SAT Math

Raunak Sood

Python and SAT Math Tutor

Carnegie Mellon University

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Availability: Mon, Thurs (5pm); Sat, Sun (9-10am)
Courses: Intro to Python, Advanced Python, SAT Math

Elsie Liu

Java Tutor

Elsie is a freshman at Cornell University where she is majoring in computer science. She began programming in 6th grade, and has experience working with many languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Java. Throughout high school, Elsie has participated in various hackathons in the Greater Boston area and worked as a teaching assistant for KTBYTE Computer Science Academy. Most recently, she shadowed a medical professional at Massachusetts General Hospital who implements machine learning in creating cancer treatment plans. Elsie has worked as a camp counselor for over 7 years and co-taught a flute class at the Acton Chinese Language School. Having worked with kids of various backgrounds, she is excited to bring her experience to AICS.

Availability: Sat, Sun (4-6PM)

Courses: Java I, Java II, Java III, SAT Math

Avi Mishra

Python Instructor

Avi is a freshman at UC Berkeley where he is majoring in computer science. He began programming in 3rd grade when he started learning Python and has since picked up HTML/CSS, C++, R, and Java. Throughout high school, he attended, and won, numerous hackathons in the Greater Boston Area. Highlights include championing Dorahacks Boston and then travelling to Japan where he placed 3rd at Dorahacks Tokyo. Avi has extensive experience with both blockchain technology and machine Learning. In 10th grade, he co-founded a start-up that utilized the blockchain for clinical trials. And last summer, he interned at a machine learning company where he wrote code used for steel manufacturing. He also served as a teaching assistant for AB’s AP Computer Science course this past year. He looks forward to bringing his ten years of Python experience to AICS.

Availability: Sun (12-3PM)

Courses: Java I, Java II, Java III, Intro to Python, Advanced Python

Benny Rubin

Java and Python Tutor

Benny is very passionate about computer science and has been programming since he was 10. Benny has worked on a variety of projects and taken many college and graduate level CS courses. He is currently on a gap year before he attends Cornell University in the fall. Benny has been conducting cyber security research at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, where he has over a year of professional Java and Python development experience. His past tutoring experience includes years of teaching high school and elementary school kids programming and math. 

Availability: Mon-Fri (after 5PM, except Tue); Sat, Sun

Courses: Java I, Java II, Java III, Intro to Python, Advanced Python, Scratch

Yuying Fan

Python and Scratch Tutor

Yuying is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Computer Science. Her passion for coding started with AP Computer Science in high school, and she proceeded to learn a number of coding languages including Java, Python, R, and OCaml. Having been a peer tutor at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School for two years and a camp counselor at various summer camps, she has developed proficient teaching skills and works well with children. She is a believer in “learning by doing” and frequently encourages her students to think and practice proactively. Her patience and friendliness also make her popular with all her students.

Availability: Sat, Sun (1-9 pm)

Courses: Intro to Python, Scratch

Nitya Aryasomayajula

Java Tutor

Nitya Aryasomayajula is a freshman at UMass Amherst, majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. Her current interests lie within the areas of Machine Learning and AI. She has taken various computer science courses, such as data structures and algorithms, and she is a Teaching Assistant for computer science. Apart from school, she has experience in machine learning, python, and development. She hopes to use her skills to foster an interest, and looks forward to helping out in AICS again!

Availability: Fri, Sat, Sun 4-8pm
Courses: Java I, Java II, Java III

Cathy Zhao

Java and SAT Math Tutor

Cathy is a senior at Inglemoor High School looking to pursue computer science. From teaching students of all ages in English Language programs, she looks forward to branching out to mentor more students in new topics as part of this program. In her free time, she enjoys baking pastries, improving her photography skills, and working on jigsaw puzzles. Cathy plans on attending Cornell University next fall.

Availability: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (after 6PM); Wed (before 8PM); Sat, Sun

Courses: Java I, Java II, Java III, SAT Math

Yvonne Hsu

Scratch Tutor

Yvonne has been programming since 6th grade, working with HTML, CSS, and Java. Believing accessibility is an essential part of STEM education, she picked up Arduino and Scratch to help young children learn the foundations of computer science. Outside of programming,  She hopes she can bring her experiences to AICS and help kids find a passion in computer science. Yvonne will be studying at the University of Manchester this coming fall.

Availability: Tues, Wed, Fri (3-6PM) Weekends (2-5PM)
Courses: Scratch

Michelle Gong

SAT Math Tutor

Michelle is a rising senior at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, where she has received the Achievement in Math Award two years in a row for her excellence in honors math courses. She scored in the 99th percentile on the math portion of the SAT. During the year, she works at The Math Club, where she tutors students in grades 3 to 8 so they can excel in the Math Olympiad Contest. Beyond math, Michelle contributes to her school’s science team and newspaper; she also enjoys painting and skating. With her experience and love of teaching math, she is eager to help students learn the content and strategies needed to score high on the SAT.

Availability: Mon-Tue 5-8pm; Sat-Sun 1-3pm
Courses: SAT Math

Jessica Wang

Python, Scratch, and SAT Math Tutor

Jessica is currently a senior at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Illinois. She is planning on majoring in computer science at Cornell University. Jessica has been interested in computer science since she was in elementary school. She has pursued this interest by taking classes such as AP Computer Science A and working on projects such as coding a doctor-patient portal. Through these classes and projects, she has become familiar with programming languages such as Python and Java. At school, Jessica is a member of Girls in STEAM and Peer Tutors, where she has enjoyed tutoring her peers as well as younger children.

Availability: Mon (5:30-7:30pm); Wed,Thurs (6-8pm); Sat (9am-8pm)
Courses: Intro to Python, Scratch, SAT Math

Class Teachers

Adi Bhalchandra

Scratch Instructor

Adi began his programming journey in the 5th grade with Scratch and JavaScript. He has competed in the First Lego League Robotics competitions. In his freshman year, Adi took the Computer Science elective at ABRHS where he learned HTML and furthered his knowledge in Scratch. Recently, he completed a month-long intensive coding course learning the fundamentals of Python. He is excited to share his teamwork skills and knowledge gained with his students! Besides coding, Adi is a varsity rower and an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for his Boy Scouts troop in Acton.

Anya Mittal

Java Instructor

Anya’s interest in computer science and programming sparked in 5th grade when she started learning Wolfram Programming Language. Later, she learned basic Java and has completed a JavaScript course, and is a W3C Schools certified JavaScript developer. Anya is also an experienced teacher, and is very excited to bring her experience and knowledge to AICS.

Michael Hu

Java Instructor

Michael started programming in 3rd grade, and has experience in both HTML and Python. Now a junior at ABRHS, he has since picked up Java and Golang as his preferred languages. His years of experience in programming have given him a passion to learn and create, which he hopes to impart to his motivated students. Aside from his background in computer science, Michael is an accomplished member of the AB Science Team, and loves to spend time outdoors with his scouting friends.

Meghan Tobin

Java Instructor

Meghan Tobin is a freshman studying Computer Science at UIUC’s Grainger College of Engineering, with a concentration in cybersecurity. Her love for Computer Science began in junior high when she participated in a bootcamp where she learned java and javascript. She completed the AP Computer Science course at ABRHS, and was also part of the AB Computer Science Club’s Developmental Track, where she learned about Web Development and project management. Outside of Computer Science, she enjoys singing and usually spends her summers teaching swim lessons and swim team at her local pool. She is excited to bring her knowledge and passion for CS to AICS!

Jasmine Lai

Java Instructor

Jasmine is currently a senior at ABRHS. Jasmine was first exposed to computer science when she took the AP Java course at the high school as a junior. She has taken the AP Computer Science A exam. Jasmine is fluent in Java and has some experience coding game development in C++. Apart from programming, Jasmine enjoys figure skating and playing piano, and she is also a member of the high school speech and debate team.

Jeffrey Li

SAT Math Instructor

Jeffrey is a junior at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. He scored an 800 on the math portion of the SAT and also qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME). In his free time, he enjoys running, solving Rubik's cubes and spending time with his family. He is looking forward to helping teach math with AICS this winter.

Mingle Li

Python Instructor

Mingle has been programming since first grade, ever since his father taught him what an object was. He is a highly skilled full-stack software engineer, proficient both in Java Spring backend and web development on the frontend. He has worked as an intern and developer in numerous companies, including two startups and one non-profit, and he is the lead software programmer for the Wayland High School FRC robotics team, the Control Freaks. Over the years, Mingle has branched out and gained knowledge of Python through Raspberry Pi and Flask development, React.js through frontend and mobile app programming, and more. Some personal projects of his include EarthEyes (a computer vision recycling app), which won second place overall at a hackathon, TranslatifierBot (a Python bot running in a community of over 600k people), and Where the Heck Is My Bus (a modern React Native solution to inconsistent bus times – still in development). In school, he has completed both AP Computer Science A and AP Calculus BC. Mingle hopes to use his applied computer science knowledge to teach effectively and create a learning environment where everyone thrives and leaves with a foundation and passion for programming.

Alwin Jin

Python Instructor

Alwin has been coding since 4th grade, working first with Python and then expanding out to HTML and Java. He has experience with many Python libraries, including Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib. Recently, Alwin placed fourth in the state in Python Code Analysis at the Massachusetts states science olympiad competition. Outside of computer science, Alwin is an officer on the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School science olympiad team, where he has received numerous medals at the state and national level. He has also worked as a teaching assistant at the Acton Chinese Language school and the Concord School of Taekwon-do, and hopes to bring his experience to teach Python at the AICS.

Kevin Liu

Python Instructor

Kevin is a student at Stanford University, majoring in computer science. He began coding in middle school, initially specializing in C# applications. He has since learned Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, and Solidity. He has worked in a collaborative development team to win awards at several hackathons in the Boston area, and he has co-founded a startup using cutting-edge technologies to restore trust to the research industry. Through this experience, he has gained knowledge of production applications and real-world software development techniques. He has served as a TA for AP Computer Science and is excited to further help others at AICS.

Rory Liao

Python Instructor

Rory is a rising senior at Acton-Boxborough Regional Highschool. He has been programming in Python for multiple years, and is fluent in Java after completing the AP Java course at his high school. In his free time Rory loves to code and watch shows like Avatar the Last Airbender. He is extremely excited to work at the Acton Institute of Computer Science.

Ryan Song

SAT Math Instructor

Ryan Song is currently a junior at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland. He is a straight A student who is passionate about math, likes to work with other students, and looks forward to teaching at AICS. He scored an 800 on the math portion of the SAT test and an 800 on the SAT math 2 subject test. Outside of Math, Ryan is engaged in various STEM-related activities and clubs in his school; he also enjoys swimming, digital drawing, and pokemon. 

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