The Board


Andrew Chen

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Andrew is an incoming computer science major at Cornell University’s College of Engineering. He has experience teaching pupils of a wide range of ages, and has competed and placed in programming competitions on both the state and national level. For example, Andrew has successfully placed into the Gold Division of the world-renowned USA Computing Olympiad. Andrew is excited to bring his teaching and computer science experience to AICS.


Kamal Narra

Co-Founder, CEO


Kamal is an incoming computer science major at the University of Maryland: College Park. He has been coding for 6 years and has experience teaching students of all skill levels. In addition to programming, Kamal also pursued politics and economics during his time in competitive speech and debate: he aims to combine these skillsets in order to explore the intersection between technological advancement and societal good.


Heidi Xie

Chief Operations Officer


Heidi Xie is a sophomore at Acton Boxborough Regional High School. She loves running around behind the scenes, taking initiative on operational work and communication, and setting the groundwork needed so things can run smoothly. Heidi began work with AICS in the Winter 2021 session, and is ecstatic to be on the admin team to help future sessions take off.


Charles Wang

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Charles is an incoming computer science major at Cornell University. He takes great interest in the applications of CS in biology and has exercised this passion through bioinformatics internships at both Cornell and the University of Florida. As a CS mentor, Charles has taught students at a variety of ages and levels. Charles is also a competitor in USACO's gold division and would someday like to see Farmer John ditch his cows for a more porcine farm creature.


Elizabeth Li

Director of Operations

Elizabeth is a psychology major at Dartmouth College. She has some limited coding knowledge, but her main interest is in assuring productivity and efficacy behind the scenes. Elizabeth also has a variety of experiences working with students of all ages. She is happy to use her skills in communications and education for AICS.


Michael Hu

Java Department Head, President

Michael is a  senior at Acton Boxborough Regional High School. He started programming in 3rd grade, and has experience in both HTML and Python. Now a junior at ABRHS, he has since picked up Java and Golang as his preferred languages. His years of experience in programming have given him a passion to learn and create, which he hopes to impart to his motivated students. Aside from his background in computer science, Michael is an accomplished member of the AB Science Team, and loves to spend time outdoors with his scouting friends.


Anya Mittal

Java Department Head, Co-President

Anya is a junior at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. Her interest in computer science and programming sparked in 5th grade when she started learning Wolfram Programming Language. Later, she learned basic Java and has completed a JavaScript course, and is a W3C Schools certified JavaScript developer. Anya is also an experienced teacher, and is very excited to bring her experience and knowledge to AICS.