Winter 2022

NOTE: Registration opens on January 1, 2022 at 9am EDT

Registration Steps for Parents:

Please follow the following steps to register your child for an AICS class.

1. Browse the classes listed below, making sure to look over the syllabi to gauge your child's fit (ex: a student with little preexisting Java experience would be a perfect fit for our Java I class).

2. Once you and your child have decided on which class to enroll in, please have your child take the placement test for that track (located by hovering over the "Registration" tab and selecting "Placement" so that we may assess their fit for the selected class. If you plan on enrolling your child for multiple classes, please have them take multiple placement tests (ex. a student enrolling in Java II and Advanced Python should take the Java and Python placement tests).

3. Once your child takes the proper placement test(s), we will evaluate their performance and place them into an appropriate class. Afterwards, you will receive a registration sheet to sign up for a class time.

4. After registration closes, your child's instructor will send a welcome email, complete with Zoom links, Google Classroom codes, etc.

Class Descriptions and Syllabi:




Intro. to Programming
Prerequisite: None

Times: TBD

In this course, students will be introduced to coding concepts in Scratch such as variables, motion, and operators. This class is perfect for students with little programing knowledge, as it teaches basic material necessary for the Java I and Introduction to Python classes. At the end of the course, students will apply their new learnings through two final projects.


Introduction to Python
Prerequisite: None

Times: TBD

This class will teach students the fundamentals of Python programming, which will include an introduction to installing and running the language, as well as the basics of operating it. Some concepts that will be taught include basic syntax, variables, loops, functions, and classes. This course will move at a slow pace as it assumes students have no background knowledge in the language.


Java I
Prerequisite: None

Times: TBD

In this course, students will be introduced to basic coding concepts in the Java language, including variables, booleans, if-statements, and iterative loops. This class will move at a relatively slow pace to ensure that beginner students are able to completely grasp these principles. Graded homework and tests will gauge student performance.


SAT Math Prep
Prerequisite: 7th grade or above

Times: TBD

In this course, students will learn tips and tricks to succeed on the SAT math exam. Students will begin by learning basic topics such as polynomials and word problems, and then they will transition to tougher material relating to trigonometry and statistical probability. Student performance will be assessed through auto-graded assignments and practice tests.