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Programming Console


1. Browse the classes listed below, making sure to look over the syllabi to gauge your child's fit.

2. Once you and your child have decided on which class to enroll in, please use the button below to go to our registration portal.

3. If you are unsure of which level your child is best suited for, there are placement tests provided in the registration portal to help you decide. Your child's result is only a recommendation and will not restrict your registration options.

4. After registration closes, your child's instructor will send a welcome email, complete with meeting links, Google Classroom codes, etc.

If registrations are closed and you would still like to take our classes, please contact us by emailing

Toggle between the slides to see different levels of each course.

Java I

In this course, students will be introduced to basic coding concepts in the Java language, including variables, if-statements, loops, and arrays. This class will move at a relatively slow pace to ensure that beginners are able to completely grasp these principles. Graded homework and tests will gauge student performance.

Python I

This class will teach students the fundamentals of Python programming. Some concepts that will be taught include basic syntax, variables, if-statements, loops, and lists. This course will move at a slow pace as it assumes students have no background knowledge in the language.


In this course, students will be introduced to coding concepts in Scratch such as variables, motion, operators, and more. This class is perfect for students with little programming knowledge, as it teaches basic material necessary for the Java I and Python I classes. At the end of the course, students will apply their new knowledge through two final projects.


In this course, students will be taught introductory HTML concepts such as text, images, and forms. This class will move at a relatively slow pace to ensure students fully understand the material. Throughout the course, students will apply their knowledge by completing two projects related to building websites.

SAT Math Prep

In this course, students will learn tips and tricks to succeed on the math portion of the SAT. Students will begin by learning basic topics such as polynomials and word problems, and then they will transition to tougher material relating to trigonometry and statistical probability. Students performance will be assessed through graded assignments and tests.

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