Classes will run for an hour each on Mon-Thurs on the Weeks of August 17th and August 24th

Registration is officially closed. Stay tuned for our Winter Session!


Introduction to Programming

Time Slots (EST)

10am (Full)1pm (Full), 2pm (Full), 3pm (Full), 4pm (Full), 5pm, 6pm (Full), 7pm, 8pm


Java I

Time Slots (EST)

9am, 10am (Full), 2pm, 3pm, 7pm

Java II

Time Slots (EST)

9am (Full), 2pm (Full), 3pm (Full), 4pm (Full), 5pm, 7pm, 8pm

Java III

Time Slots (EST)

4pm, 6pm (Full)


Introduction to Python

Time Slots (EST)

11am, 12pm (Full), 4pm (Full), 5pm (Full), 6pm(Full), 7pm, 8pm (Full)

Adv. Python with Machine Learning

Time Slots (EST)

8am (Full), 9am (Full), 1pm (Full), 5pm (Full)


SAT Mathematics

Time Slots (EST)

12pm (Full), 1pm (Full), 2pm, 3pm


Although our classes are 100% free we ask that you take the time to donate to our Technology Access Initiative, the cause we are supporting through this bootcamp.

As technology is gradually integrated into nearly every industry of our economy, it becomes increasingly necessary that the ability to access knowledge about computer science is available to all. By providing free classes to students throughout this pandemic, we seek to bridge that gap.


However, without the necessary technology, even our free education becomes difficult to access. For this reason, we have launched our Technology Access Initiative, which seeks to provide laptops and other necessary technological equipment to communities that are currently unable to access them.

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