Eric: Summer Session 2020

My experience with AICS was great. The teachers are really understanding and SUPER kind. They will never rush and are always willing to answer any questions that the students have.

Albert: Summer Session 2020

This class has been amazing so far! I love the way the amazing teachers explain everything in a thorough way while allowing the students to demonstrate and exercise their knowledge. The classes are always fun and enjoyable, and I have experienced tremendous growth in computer science by attending this course.

Peter: Summer Session 2020

The teacher is very responsible and the class is informative and knowledgeable. My son likes the class and it is a good way to help an eight year-old learn the basic introduction to the coding world

Stephan: Summer Session 2020

AICS is really living up to my expectations. The student teachers are well prepared to explain and cover new material while also being very open to questions. I'm very happy to be taking this course as each session is fun and engaging, and easy to understand.

Prateek: Summer Session 2020

The classes are enjoyable, and everything goes in depth. The teachers are great and any questions are taken with respect. I would give AICS 5 stars if I could.

Clara: Summer Session 2020

I love this class! It helps me understand the basics of coding better and I really enjoy learning this coding language as it is similar to English which makes it easier to learn and understand. This is a very enjoyable coding class that is also very effective!